Sale Jolly-Designs Mushroom House Big Quiet Book
Sale Jolly-Designs Mushroom House Big Quiet Book
Sale Jolly-Designs Mushroom House Big Quiet Book
Sale Jolly-Designs Mushroom House Big Quiet Book
Sale Jolly-Designs Mushroom House Big Quiet Book
Sale Jolly-Designs Mushroom House Big Quiet Book

Sale Jolly-Designs Mushroom House Big Quiet Book

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"Knock-knock" there is a knock on the door of the red and white mushroom house. Open the door and place a picture of you there so everyone knows who this quiet book belongs to.

The fun starts on the next page. What would you like to wear today? The choice is yours! Take an article of clothing off the hanger and attach it to your doll. Remove the garment again, because now everything goes in the washing machine! To do this, take the rest of the clothes off the hangers and put them in the washing machine. Fine finger work is required here! When the laundry is done, take it out and hang it up again according to the colors of the hangers.

Now that you have clean laundry again, we can go out into nature. Let's stop by the farm, there is always something going on, today too! Look, all the carrots looking out of the field. Our Montessori toys always offer something different. Can you already count how many carrots there are in the ground? We count together! For every carrot that is added, we change the number on the cart. This will help you remember the numbers better. When you have placed all of the carrots in the cart, put them back in the field to water them with the watering can. Now you can do a little math with your Montessori toy. All 10 carrots are in the field. How many carrots are in the ground if you put a carrot in the cart? How many are left on the field if you put two more in the car? Use the round digits again to make the calculations easier.

What does the third side of our Montessori toy offer? Come on, let's look together! A robot, even with a heart! Let's find out what you can do with a robot. Now your fine motor skills are in demand again. Open and close the robot's mouth by sliding the zipper. Now the ears are on. Take off the white elastics around your ears and tie them back. Beware, that can be really tricky! Now it's your turn! To do this, open the small snap hook to better explore the robot and its attributes. Here you have the opportunity to improve your motor skills by tying the shoelace or turning the clock clockwise and counterclockwise. Before you close your arms again, you can unbutton your heart and button it again. Finally, you can turn the robot's feet. This can be done according to the same principle as with the clock. Once clockwise and once counterclockwise.

Do you fancy a little trip into space? Your Montessori toy lets you immerse yourself in other worlds. Before the rocket starts flying, you can thread the ribbon through all the loops and then take it out again. Now the Montessori toy would like to know from you which planet it should fly you to. Can you name all the planets already? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. A little tip: With the famous motto "My father explains our nine planets to me every Sunday" you will never forget the planets again.

But now it's time to have a little party. Do not you think so? To do this, we turn the page in our Montessori toy. Here again your skill is in demand! Remove all of the balloons from the Velcro and reattach them. You can also be active with the buttons. First distribute them in several places and then position them like the balloons.

Before our excursion is over, you can play a little color and shape game in your Montessori toy. Take off all the shapes and place them next to each other. Then reattach it and put it in the right place.


  • Supports sensory and language development, recognition of connections, understanding of time, color recognition, allocation, fine motor skills, vocabulary expansion 
  • This busy book is great for quiet play at home or when traveling
  • Enhances baby relaxation
  • Made of 100% cotton fabric and OEKO-TEX certified felt
  • Dimensions: 8.46" x 8.46" x 3.54" (Corrected)
  • Hand sewn and made in India


  • Quiet Books by Jolly-Designs, a German-based company, meets or exceeds EN-71 regulations for toy material and safety standards 


  • 18 months+


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Beth B.
Expensive but…..

So these “books” are expensive. Period. I thought I’d give them a try because our daughter has chewed all the board books we have! Never has one of our kids chewed like she does - think Lemony Snicket baby here! - and her first birthday is coming up. I splurged, considering she was only going to get one or two gifts (the Senger goose was one) & this was two. It is bigger than the measurements given, and it is so bright & fun with a ton of manipulatives. It is easily an heirloom. She can chew & toss & explore this book to her little heart’s content! It is worth the price.

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