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      Thank you for visiting our page. When you're supporting a small business, you're supporting a dream. And this is our dream. 

      My Toy Wagon is a family shop, led by Rashid, a dad, a successful entrepreneur, and marketing expert, and Irfana, a mom, professor, and toy aficionado. We are committed to making child-friendly, non-toxic, and planet-friendly toys more accessible to American families. 

      At My Toy Wagon, we want you, as parents, aunts, uncles, minders, and teachers of all sorts, to be mindful, present, and happy. Engaging the vast curiosity of little people is challenging. That's why we curate artisan-made, heirloom-quality, and STEAM toys. Packed with layers of discovery, our toys stimulate imaginative, mindful, and open-ended play and help foster play experiences where both adult and child thrive. 


      Rashid and Irfana