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Great purchase

The weight, feel, and overall appearance makes it a beautiful piece that we will treasure for years knowing it will last.

Bumbu Dolphin
Donna M.
Bumbu Dolphin

My grandchildren love the Bumbu Dolphin and have played with it in a Ocean Free Play setup.

Bumbu Dolphin

I love our Bumbu Dolphin Baby and it's already been used in small world play.

Route Protection

I'll never place an order without the route protection. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my package is covered and of it doesn't arrive a replacement will be sent.

Cute addition to Easter basket

Our little guy loves his bunnies. The pouch is so cute and helpful to keep bunnies from getting lost


So cute and beautifully made


We love our new fruits and veggies. They are great for learning new words.

Kid Explorer approved!

Great way for young ones to collect treasures and learn about there finds.

Great toy

Great quality toy for young imaginative explorers!

Lovely crafted

This night is just charming and of course, I bought this as a set together with the horse. I have another set that he can duel with. Love the quality of this brand.

At ease

Got it for the sake to put my mind at ease.

Lovely piece

I got both blue and red knights with horses set, and they are very beautiful. The picture doesn't do the justice.


It is just a beautiful piece. Looking forward to collecting more of different pieces in the future.


Excellent quality, may need to get a horse to go with it. Or give him a chair to set.

Sweet and charming set

This is such a great set. My little one was very happy to receive this set and he was super excited with what he called "hay" (box filler) at first. It was his horse food and blanket. Then he called those little people as moms , dads and babies. After that those moms with stripes around them turned out to be his musical guiro instruments as he loves rubbing them together. Meanwhile, the ones with hats now are farmers and the set also has turned out to be circus performers as he has been stacking them too. I am curious to see what else they will turn out to be soon.

Promising Toy for Experimentation

This toy has lots of promise. We did lose one ball already, but we've added the Grimm's Black and White set, the Grapat Color Ball (and Bowl) set, and a Jingle Ball from a Plan Toys rattle. We get as many balls going as we can. Some skip the order because of their diameter allowing them to drop sooner. Sometimes a few get backed up and it looks like a colorful caterpillar in the tracks. My baby even tries to turn it upside down and roll them up the slope of the track. We'll be looking for other things to roll down the tracks. I don't love that there are five balls and four resting slots, maybe we are expected to lose a ball.

Great Little Turkey

Great little turkey. We have them in our neighborhood, so I bought one our baby can hold on to when we are out on walks. Pleased to have figurines of our local wildlife.

Many Activities in One Toy

My baby enjoys stacking the rings on the post and sliding them through the slot. The slot can fit two rings at a time, so that sometimes one color ring goes in and the other color comes out. I enjoy sliding the rings through the slot with the right amount of force to land them on the post. This is definitely a toy a baby can grow into.


I bought this for a friend’s child’s birthday. It was even better than I was expecting - I ended up ordering a second one for my child! It also came with a tiny fairy doll inside.

Smash Hit

My little one loves the speckled frogs on a log! It makes her giggle and laugh to seem them “jump” into the pool. I’ve bought all the available finger puppets. Thanks for helping make playtime memorable.

Missing fairy

Received the order, the blue fairy was missing.


I feel more secure knowing I have this package protection albeit I have never had to file a claim

Spring fairies

She is very delicate and lovely! My granddaughters love the fairy houses and the faires . The put some unicorns with it and it is just so sweet. Now we need some little
Bowls etc.

Fit for a Fairy Tale 🤎

The detailing & elegance of this gorgeous Bumbu Steed matches the lovely Snow White 🤍

VERY pleased with this purchase!

This little Bambi holds his own with our Ostheimer!

This is the sweetest little fawn! She came to join our Ostheimer deer family & fits right in!